Employee Training and development in automotive industry


Purpose: To ensure that the personnel performing work affecting product quality are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skill & experience. Also to motivate employees to achieve quality objectives, continual improvement and create an environment to promote quality culture and innovation. Scope: This procedure relates to all personnel carrying out activities affecting the … Read more

How to do coherence of documents and standard management

Standard Management

Purpose: To have coherence between all the documents like Customer Inspection Standard of parts with Control Plan, Operation Standard, Inspection Standard & Packing Standard. Defining the standards properly can prevent rejection, rework and thus Improve OEE and COPQ. Responsibility : S.No   Activity   Responsibility Frequency 1 Review of the Standards/ Format/ WI/ Procedures etc. … Read more

How to perform an internal audit in an automotive industry

Internal Audit

 Purpose of internal audit: To establish a Procedure for Internal Audit of Quality Management System and to ensure whether the Quality Management System confirms all type of internal audits. Type of Audit in automotive industry: Quality System Audit: The organization’s Processes and their related results comply with planned arrangements and to ensure effective implementation. Process … Read more

Procedure for handling abnormality in Quality

Handling abnormality in quality

Purpose: To understand clearly what is abnormality & abnormal situations and to make operators understand abnormality & abnormal situations and to further standardize the rules & routes to handle such situations. To learn about handling abnormality in quality. Table of Contents

How to manage initial supply control during SOP after NPD?

Initial Supply Control

Purpose of initial supply control Special control needs to be exercised during the initial phase of mass production when one of the above items occurs with the purpose of collecting sufficient data to judge whether the mass production can be continued using the existing process. So this is the purpose of initial supply control. It … Read more

A simple method to learn about APQP | Procedure of APQP


Purpose of APQP : To define the procedure for APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) activities including various stages of development of Prototype/Product sample, Pre-launch, Production & Mass production. To facilitate communication with all concerned within the organization and also with Suppliers & Customers for ensuring that all required steps are completed on time.     Scope … Read more