What is Poka Yoke and how to use it in the manufacturing industry for zero defects?

Poka-Yoke: Poka Yoke means Mistake Proofing or Error Proofing. Poka Yoke is a mechanism to prevent mistakes, and defects from being made or detect mistakes if not prevented. It is also called error-proofing or foolproofing. Dr. Shigeo Shingo developed the concept of Poka-Yoke.┬áPoka-Yoke is based on the concept that people do not make mistakes intentionally. … Read more

What is the Cost of poor quality and how to calculate COPQ in the automotive industry?

Cost of poor quality

 Cost of Poor Quality: The cost incurred in producing & rectifying a defect is called the cost of poor quality. It is also called the cost of non-conformance. Purpose of COPQ: The cost of poor quality will be calculated for all the rejections & rework at the in-house & customer end. MR/QA head will be … Read more

Measurement System Analysis | MSA


Measurement System A measurement System is the collection of instruments, standards, operations, methods, fixtures, software, inspectors, environment & assumptions used to quantify a unit of measure or fix assessment to the feature characteristics being measured. It is the complete process used to obtain a measurement during measurement system analysis. It is one of the 5 … Read more

Simple concepts about SPC,Control Chart and Histogram


Statistical Process Control (SPC)? SPC is controlling the process variation by using statistical techniques. Statistical techniques such as Control charts and histograms are used so as to analyze the process & achieve & maintain a state of statistical control to get a product having no defect. What is Statistics? It is information derived from the sample data … Read more