Calibration Process Map as per IATF

Purpose is that all measuring, test equipment and gauges are maintained in a suitable state and remain capable of measuring to the required accuracy.

Prepare a master list of all measuring, test equipmens and gauges.

Prepare a calibration plan of all measuring, test equipment and gauges as per defined frequency.

For performing Internal calibration, a proper lab is required and a qualified & experience person is required for doing calibration.

For performing External calibration, the External Agencies used for calibration shall be accredited / approved by National Laboratory (NABL)

Keep the Master Instrument in safe and secured condition and ensure that Master Instrument is not used for regular purpose.

Handle and store the calibrated instrument in such a way that their accuracy and fitness for use is maintained

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During Calibration, if any instrument is found to be out of calibration (the error exceeding the acceptance criteria), an out of calibration report is to be raised

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GA4 (326944848)