Terms and Definitions as per IATF 16949 for Automotive Industry

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Customer Specific Requirement : Based on Supplier Quality Manual such as 4M change control, Packaging requirement etc


Control Plan : Control plan is the documented description of the systems and processes required for controlling the manufacturing of product.


Accessory Parts :  Customer specified additional components that are either mechanically or electronically connected to the vehicle

After Market Parts : These are the replacement parts not purchased or released by an OEM for service part application

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Escalation Process :  It is a process used to highlight certain issue so that the appropriate personal can respond to these  situations and monitor the resolution.

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Error Proofing : It is the product and manufacturing process design and development to prevent manufacture of non conforming product

Outsourced Process :  Outsource process is the part of an organization processes that is performed by an  external organization.


Special Characteristics :  It is the classification of a product characteristic  that can affect safety or compliance with regulations.

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Premium Freight : Premium freight is the extra cost incurred in addition to the  contracted delivery. This can be due to method, quantity, late delivery.