Risk analysis procedure & actions to address risks & opportunities

Risk & Opportunity

Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to define how to manage risks & opportunities. Scope: This procedure covers risks and opportunities of all processes of the organization. Responsibility: All the process owners are responsible for implementing this procedure. Process Description: Management of Risk: Management of Opportunity: Risk Analysis of all processes in the organization … Read more

Error proofing procedure in the manufacturing industry

Error proofing

Purpose: To establish a procedure for control on Error Proofing Devices and to ensure that Error proofing / Poka Yoke activities are implemented effectively in the organization. Scope: Applicable to all Production Processes in the organization Responsibility: Production incharge with the support of Maintenance incharge is responsible for the implementation. Procedure: Master List of Error … Read more

What is an Affinity diagram in 7QC tools?

Affinity Diagram

An affinity diagram is a tool used in quality management and process improvement to organize and classify ideas, thoughts, or data gathered from brainstorming sessions or other sources. It is a visual representation that helps to identify patterns and relationships among the ideas and to group them into categories based on their natural affinities or … Read more

What are the sheet metal parts defects in manufacturing?

Sheet Metal Parts Defects

Sheet metal parts are the parts that are produced by stamping operation by sheet metals. During stamping operation, there are many sheet metal parts defects such as burrs, dents, scratches, wrinkles, fracture, crack & wrong dimension etc. So below are the operation-wise defects, their causes & remedies. These are the defects which increase increase internal … Read more

Procedure for Tool, Fixture & Gauge maintenance in manufacturing

Tool Maintenance

Purpose: This Procedure is to explain and understand the steps of attending to Tool, Fixture & Gauge maintenance. Scope: Responsibility: Tool maintenance In-charge is responsible for all the activities on time. Procedure: Infrastructure and availability of Resources: Identification and Traceability of Tool, Fixture & Gauge: Preventive Maintenance of Tool, Fixture & Gauge: Breakdown Maintenance of … Read more