Kobetsu Kaizen in manufacturing with TPM

Kobetsu Kaizen

What is Kobetsu Kaizen? Kobetsu Kaizen, which translates to “focused improvement” is a continuous improvement strategy to make incremental changes to specific processes or machines. It emphasizes eliminating waste, reducing cycle time, improving quality and boosting productivity. Kobetsu Kaizen is a Japanese term that means Targeted Improvement or Focused improvement. It is one of the … Read more

5S Audit Check Sheets for manufacturing

5S Audit Check Sheets

There are 5S Audit check sheets in detail. So below are the audit sheets. Read about all audit sheets. Add your company-related points to expand these check sheets. Audit Sheet: Seiri S.No Check Items Description Score 0 1 2 3 4 5 1 Materials and Parts Does the RM or WIP include unneeded material? 2 … Read more

What is 5S in manufacturing?

5S in manufacturing company

5S is a five-step program that is done in sequential order. 5S is a series of activities for eliminating waste that contributes to workplace rejections, mistakes and injuries. The Japanese factories are so clean that you can eat off the floor. This is simply a matter of pride for the Japanese. Below are the 5 … Read more

What is Poka Yoke and how to use it in the manufacturing industry for zero defects?

Poka-Yoke: Poka Yoke means Mistake Proofing or Error Proofing. Poka Yoke is a mechanism to prevent mistakes, and defects from being made or detect mistakes if not prevented. It is also called error-proofing or foolproofing. Dr. Shigeo Shingo developed the concept of Poka-Yoke. Poka-Yoke is based on the concept that people do not make mistakes intentionally. … Read more

What are cycle time and takt time in lean manufacturing?

cycle time vs takt time

Cycle Time vs Takt Time: Cycle Time: Cycle time in manufacturing is the time taken to produce a final part using different processes. It is a maximum time-consuming process time. We can get cycle time by observing the process for a defined time & counting the number of parts produced in that time. We should … Read more

What is the Cost of poor quality and how to calculate COPQ in the automotive industry?


 Cost of Poor Quality: The cost incurred in producing & rectifying a defect is called the cost of poor quality. It is also called the cost of non-conformance. Purpose of COPQ: The cost of poor quality will be calculated for all the rejections & rework at the in-house & customer end. MR/QA head will be … Read more

What is the Kanban System & Kanban Board?


Kanban is a method for managing and improving workflow. It is a pull-based system, which means that work is pulled through the process as it is needed, rather than being pushed through. Kanban is often used in the production process but can be applied to any method. It is designed to help the team visualize … Read more

Value stream mapping in lean manufacturing

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping: Value stream mapping is a method to check and improve the processes involved in delivering a product using flowcharts. The information and process flow from customer demand to delivery is examined by the VSM team. It is the main tool of lean manufacturing. Like other types of flowcharts, it uses a system … Read more