What is 5S in manufacturing?

5S in manufacturing company

5S is a five-step program that is done in sequential order. 5S is a series of activities for eliminating waste that contributes to workplace rejections, mistakes and injuries. The Japanese factories are so clean that you can eat off the floor. This is simply a matter of pride for the Japanese. Below are the 5 … Read more

What are the 7 wastes of lean manufacturing?

7 wastes in lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a methodology focused on reducing waste and improving efficiency in the production process. This approach involves identifying and eliminating non-value-adding activities to create a more streamlined, efficient, and profitable manufacturing process. One of the key components of lean manufacturing is identifying the 7 wastes, which are considered the major sources of inefficiency … Read more

What are the 7 lean principles?

Lean Principles

Lean manufacturing is a production philosophy that aims to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. It is based on the lean principles of continuous improvement, respect for people, customer focus, flow, pull, and perfection. These principles are applied to streamline the production process and make it more efficient, flexible, and responsive to changing customer demands. … Read more

How lean principles are used in manufacturing?

Lean principles use

Lean principles are widely used in the manufacturing industry to improve the efficiency, quality, and responsiveness of production processes. The goal of using lean principles in manufacturing is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste and to create a production system that is both cost-effective and capable of delivering high-quality products and services to customers. … Read more

How does lean methodology identify waste in the process?

Lean methodology

Lean methodology is a process improvement technique that emphasizes reducing waste, increasing efficiency, and delivering value to customers. The goal of lean is to maximize value for the customer while minimizing waste in all forms, including time, money, materials, and human effort. The Lean methodology uses a set of tools and techniques to identify and … Read more

What is the Kanban System & Kanban Board?


Kanban is a method for managing and improving workflow. It is a pull-based system, which means that work is pulled through the process as it is needed, rather than being pushed through. Kanban is often used in the production process but can be applied to any method. It is designed to help the team visualize … Read more

Value stream mapping in lean manufacturing

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping: Value stream mapping is a method to check and improve the processes involved in delivering a product using flowcharts. The information and process flow from customer demand to delivery is examined by the VSM team. It is the main tool of lean manufacturing. Like other types of flowcharts, it uses a system … Read more

What is the inventory turnover ratio and the number of days inventory

Inventory Turnover Ratio

Inventory Turnover: Inventory turnover is the rate at which a company converts its inventory into sales. It is the number of times a company makes the sale of its inventory in a period. Where inventory is the total of all goods in its stock which includes Raw materials, Bought out parts, Work in progress and … Read more

How to calculate OEE in lean manufacturing?

OEE, Overall Eqipement Effectiveness

What is OEE? OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a term used to measure manufacturing productivity. It is to calculate the percentage of time an equipment is truly productive. OEE is the main KPI of production to check the productivity of an equipment/plant. For calculating the OEE of the plant or multiple machines, we can calculate … Read more

How to define value added activities & non-value added activities?

Value added activities

Categories of all activities: Value-added activities: The process is defined as the conversion of input into output by using resources. But what is important here is Value addition in the process. So those activities which change the shape as per customer requirements & add value are called value-added activities.   For example in the manufacturing … Read more