How to solve problems by PDCA in the automotive industry?

PDCA Cycle

It is a cycle of continuous improvement. The meaning of PDCA is Plan, Do, Check & Act. PDCA cycle is also known as Deming Cycle.

What are the steps of the PDCA Cycle?

1. PLAN  

2. DO  

3. CHECK  

4. ACT  



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Identify the Problem :

  • Identify the problem which needs to be solved
  • Make a problem statement to define the problem
  • Make SMART goals ( Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time-bound)
  • Identify the Team.

Analyze the Problem:

  • Check the process flow of the complete process or system.
  • Do brainstorming for the possible causes.
  • Do an analysis of data to validate the root cause.
  • Revise the problem statement if required.

Tools used for the Plan step :

DO :


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Develop Solutions:

  • Do that activity or experiment
  • Do design of experiment (DOE)
  • Discuss with the team for a solution to get the right solution.

Implement the solution :

  • Implement the solution on a trial basis.

Tools used for DO steps :

  • Cross-Functional Team (CFT)
  • Design of Experiment (DOE)
  • Provide training about the work 


PDCA (Check)

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Verify the results:

  • Analyze the result of the solution
  • Do validation of the result

Achieve the required Goal :

  • If the goal has been achieved, then go to ACT
  • If the goal has not been achieved, go to PLAN, and revise the problem/actions.

Tools used for CHECK steps:

  • Control Charts
  • Key performance indicator (KPI)
  • Process observation


PDCA (Act)

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Implement the Solution :

  • Identify the systematic changes.
  • Training needs identification (TNI)
  • Plan continuous monitoring of the solution.
  • Do Kaizen in the process.

Tools used for ACT steps:

  • Standardization of work & process
  • Do Poka Yoke
  • Process Mapping
  • Provide regular training

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