Latest procedure for education and training


To ensure that the personnel performing work affecting product quality are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skill & experience. Also to motivate employees to achieve quality objectives, continual improvement and create an environment to promote quality culture and innovation.


This procedure relates to all personnel carrying out activities affecting the quality of products and related services.


The overall responsibility of maintaining the effectiveness and implementation of this procedure lies with  HR Head.


Competency needed for different personnel sitting at different positions is determined through identified persons on the “Competence Level Requirement Sheet” and training need is developed for each employee in the “Training Need Identification Form”.

Training Method:

On the basis of training needs, the “Annual Training Plan” is prepared and training is imparted as per schedule by trainers identified, including external trainers. All participants’ presence is recorded in “Training Attendance cum Effectiveness Record”. Training effectiveness is verified by the trainer within one month & the effectiveness record is maintained in “Training Attendance cum Effectiveness Record” and if the number of participants is absent on the scheduled training date, in this condition, make a plan for those training topics and deliver training within one month.

New Employee Training:

All new entrants are given induction training by the Concerned Head of Department to be aware and familiar with the quality management system and the consequences of nonconformity to quality requirements to customers. Cover all employees’ company roll and contractual.

 1. All employees are made aware of the technological changes & provide training as per training plan on the basis of TNI & for new joinee provide training as per New joinee training record on following topics – 

  • Company profile
  • 5S 
  • Safety
  • Part Handling
  • Work instruction
  • Process awareness,
  • Product awareness
  • Document knowledge

Above training is provided to achieve quality objectives through a specified designated training program. ( Dozo Training program)

2.  New Joinee training shall be delivered on the same day. The first day produces quantity will be verified by the concerned supervisor. The new joinee will work under supervisor observation for one week and maintain the record in the new joinee production monitoring record.

For new joinee in PDI conduct poison test and maintain inspection record for one week. After one-week concerned department head evaluates the skill through a level-wise questionnaire sheet as per skill evaluation criteria and updates the skill matrix within a month.

New joinee training criteria:

 New Joinee training shall be delivered on the same day as per defined criteria for the experienced operator and fresher operator. The respective operator can achieve the desired skill level after defined below criteria.

Experienced operatorFresher OperatorSkill level
one daytwo daysL-1
3 daysone weekL-2
One WeekTwo weekL-3
Six MonthSix MonthL-4

3 . Prepare skill matrix for standard room person and provide training related to equipment and related field as per training plan & maintain training record with effectiveness as per training provided.

 4. Conduct Operator Observance for all operators cover all operators & both shift from each department if any operator does not qualify then provide training on same day & check the effectiveness as per criteria.

 5. Conduct Poison Test as per poison test WI for all final inspectors as per plan to check inspectors are capable to detect the defect if an inspector is not qualified then provide training on the same day & take the poison test again after training.

 6. Arrangements for re-training are made for those employees whose effectiveness is found less than 60% within a week.

 7. On the job training is provided to the personnel in any new or modified job affecting product quality.

The process is established to motivate employees to achieve quality objectives to make continual improvements. This process includes the promotion of quality and technological awareness throughout the whole organization.


For Operators & Inspectors, Skill Matrix is to be prepared. In skill matrix defined skill level as per skill evaluation criteria and display skill matrix in respective departments. Before updating skill evaluation, evaluate the skill of all operators & inspectors after that update the skill matrix. During skill evaluation, if skill found less than the previous level make a plan for re-training within a week. Skill evaluation and skill matrix shall be reviewed after six months.


 New Product Training:

Development Head / QA Head will provide training to all concerned person such as Operators, Supervisors, Inspectors about Product and Customer-specific requirements before SOP of product.

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