Maruti Vendor System Audit Checklist

VSA Audit Checklist

MSIL Audit Checklist: MSIL Audit checklist is a 19-point sheet that is used to do system audits at Tier 2 vendors. There are 19 clauses in this checksheet. There are 5 critical clauses in this check sheet. It is compulsory to pass in critical clauses. Overall 60% are required to pass this MSIL/MACE audit. Critical … Read more

How to do operator observance in the manufacturing industry?

Operator observance: Operator observance is doing the observance audit of the operator as per defined checkpoints without informing the operator. It is done as per the defined plan. All operators and all shifts must be covered in operator observance. It is also very important for skill evaluation and performance checking of the operators. Work Instruction … Read more