Control of documents and records procedure

Documents & Records control

Purpose: To establish a procedure for identification, preparation, approval, issue, amendment and numbering of documents and records to ensure availability of pertinent issues of documents at the places of use as per IATF 16949:2016 Scope: This process is applicable for all types of documents & records used within a Qualty Management System. It covers Quality … Read more

How to perform an internal audit in an automotive industry

Internal Audit

 Purpose of internal audit: To establish a Procedure for the Internal Audit of the Quality Management System and to ensure that the Quality Management System confirms all types of internal audits. Type of Audit in the automotive industry: Quality System Audit: The organization’s Processes and their related results comply with planned arrangements and ensure effective … Read more

Employee Training and development in automotive industry


Purpose: To ensure that the personnel performing work affecting product quality are competent based on appropriate education, training, skill & experience. Also to motivate employees to achieve quality objectives, continual improvement and create an environment to promote quality culture and innovation. Scope: This procedure relates to all personnel carrying out activities affecting the quality of … Read more

Difference between SOP (Standard operating procedure) and Control Plan


Standard operating procedures (SOP) and a Control Plan are critical for a manufacturing process. SOPs are detailed work instructions to help workers carry out routine jobs. A Control Plan is a documented description of the systems and processes required for controlling the manufacturing of a product. But there are some differences between SOP and Control … Read more

Procedure for production planning & control in a manufacturing industry

Production planning & control

Purpose: To establish & maintain a documented procedure that ensures production works under controlled conditions, to meet customer’s requirements. Scope: Applies to all types of products manufactured in the company ( Press shop, weld shop, machine shop, paint shop, assembly shop etc) Responsibility: The Production Head & supervisors are responsible for the implementation of this … Read more

How to conduct FMEA in Automotive Industry supplying to OEM?

PFMEA in automotive industry

Purpose of FMEA: The purpose of FMEA is to establish & maintain a procedure for process failure.   Scope of FMEA: This procedure applies to all processes ( major & critical) which are being used to make various products. What is an FMEA process? An FMEA process can be described as a synchronized group of … Read more

Safety Procedure in the Workplace

Safety in the workplace

Purpose: The purpose of the Safety procedure is to provide awareness about safety and to develop a state of readiness, which will allow for a prompt and orderly response to an emergency and to comply with the statutory obligations. This safety plan is structured around four major objectives. Scope: The Procedure deals with the Fire … Read more

How to manage 4M change in the automotive industry?


Purpose of 4M change: To record 4M Changes (Operator change, machine change, tool change, material & method change) management for expected change ( New operator, operator on leave, machine/tool PM, New machine, new gauge & new instrument) and unexpected changes (Tool breakage, power failure, machine breakdown etc.) If any issue is generated later, we can … Read more

Procedure for handling customer property in the manufacturing industry

Handling customer property

Purpose: To establish a process for identification, verification, protection and safeguarding of customer property ( Products, Materials, Tools, Fixtures, Gauges, testing equipment & software etc). Scope: All customer’s or external provider’s property. Definition of Customer Property: The property is owned by the customer and provided to the supplier for use in meeting the contract requirement. … Read more

Risk analysis procedure & actions to address risks & opportunities

Risk & Opportunity

Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to define how to manage risks & opportunities. Scope: This procedure covers risks and opportunities of all processes of the organization. Responsibility: All the process owners are responsible for implementing this procedure. Process Description: Management of Risk: Risk Analysis: Management of Opportunity: Opportunity Analysis: Risk Analysis of all … Read more