Procedure for production planning & control in a manufacturing industry

Production planning & control

Purpose: To establish & maintain a documented procedure that ensures production works under controlled conditions, to meet customer’s requirements. Scope: Applies to all types of products manufactured in the company ( Press shop, weld shop, machine shop, paint shop, assembly shop etc) Responsibility: The Production Head & supervisors are responsible for the implementation of this … Read more

Safety Procedures in the Workplace

Safety in the workplace

Purpose: The purpose of the Safety procedure is to provide awareness about safety and to develop a state of readiness, which will allow for a prompt and orderly response to an emergency and to comply with the statutory obligations. This safety plan is structured around four major objectives. Scope: The Procedure deals with the Fire … Read more

Procedure for handling customer property in the manufacturing industry

Handling customer property

Purpose: To establish a process for identification, verification, protection and safeguarding of customer property ( Products, Materials, Tools, Fixtures, Gauges, testing equipment & software etc). Scope: All customer’s or external provider’s property. Definition of Customer Property: The property is owned by the customer and provided to the supplier for use in meeting the contract requirement. … Read more

Risk analysis procedure & actions to address risks & opportunities

Risk & Opportunity

Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to define how to manage risks & opportunities. Scope: This procedure covers risks and opportunities of all processes of the organization. Responsibility: All the process owners are responsible for implementing this procedure. Process Description: Management of Risk: Management of Opportunity: Risk Analysis of all processes in the organization … Read more

Error proofing procedure in the manufacturing industry

Error proofing

Purpose: To establish a procedure for control on Error Proofing Devices and to ensure that Error proofing / Poka Yoke activities are implemented effectively in the organization. Scope: Applicable to all Production Processes in the organization Responsibility: Production incharge with the support of Maintenance incharge is responsible for the implementation. Procedure: Master List of Error … Read more

Procedure for Tool, Fixture & Gauge maintenance in manufacturing

Tool Maintenance

Purpose: This Procedure is to explain and understand the steps of attending to Tool, Fixture & Gauge maintenance. Scope: Responsibility: Tool maintenance In-charge is responsible for all the activities on time. Procedure: Infrastructure and availability of Resources: Identification and Traceability of Tool, Fixture & Gauge: Preventive Maintenance of Tool, Fixture & Gauge: Breakdown Maintenance of … Read more

Outsource process and service procedure

Outsource Process

Purpose : To ensure that the outsource process and service conform to the specified requirements. Scope : All outsource processes and services Responsibility : Head QA, Stores, Purchase, New Part Development and Production are responsible for outsourcing activities and Top Management approval required for the selection of suppliers. Procedure : Identified outsourced processes & services … Read more

Calibration procedure for measuring instruments


Purpose : The purpose of the calibration procedure is to ensure that all measuring, test equipment and gauges are maintained in a suitable state and remain capable of measuring to the required accuracy. Scope : The applicability of this procedure is for calibration of all monitoring and measuring equipment and gauges used for monitoring/measuring product … Read more

Temporary change of process control procedure as per IATF 16949

Temporary change of process control

Purpose : To establish a procedure for a temporary change of process control and to ensure that temporary changes are implemented in a planned and controlled manner. Scope : Applicable to all production processes. Responsibility : Head QA is responsible for controlling this activity. Procedure : Temporary Process Control List : Head QA maintains the … Read more