Product safety procedure as per IATF 16949

Product Safety

Purpose : To establish a procedure for the management of product safety-related products and manufacturing processes. Ensure that product safety requirement are considered during development and regular production. Scope : Applicable for all products and manufacturing processes where safety requirements need to be considered. Responsibility : Head development is responsible for fulfilling all these activities … Read more

Procedure for machine maintenance in manufacturing industry

machine maintenance

Purpose: The purpose of this procedure of machine maintenance is to explain and understand steps of attending machine for maintenance. Scope: Responsibility: Maintenance in-charge is responsible for all the activities on time. Procedure: Master list of machines: Identification of machine: Preventive maintenance of machines: Preventive Maintenance Check Sheet Format: Breakdown maintenance of machines: Machine History … Read more

How to do process audit in the automotive industry?

Process Audit : The process audit is the determination of the effectiveness of the manufacturing process. It is to ensure conformity to product requirements at appropriate stages of production and delivery to verify the conformity to all specified requirements, such as dimensions, packaging, functionality and labeling. Process Audit checklist:

How to manage 4M change in the automotive industry?

Change Management

Purpose of 4M change: To record 4M Change (Operator change, machine change, tool change, material & method change) management for expected change ( New operator, operator on leave, machine/tool PM, New machine, new gauge & new instrument) and unexpected changes (Tool breakage, power failure, machine breakdown etc.) If any issue generates later, we can easily … Read more

How do supplier selection in the automotive industry?


Purpose:  To implement a system for supplier evaluation, supplier selection and supplier approval on the basis of their ability to supply products as per the company’s requirements. Scope:  It covers all material, parts/components, job work service & direct production consumables whose product/services affect end-product quality. Note: – This procedure is not applicable for customer-approved sources … Read more

Employee Training and development in automotive industry


Purpose: To ensure that the personnel performing work affecting product quality are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skill & experience. Also to motivate employees to achieve quality objectives, continual improvement and create an environment to promote quality culture and innovation. Scope: This procedure relates to all personnel carrying out activities affecting the … Read more

How to do coherence of documents and standard management

Standard Management

Purpose: To have coherence between all the documents like Customer Inspection Standard of parts with Control Plan, Operation Standard, Inspection Standard & Packing Standard. Defining the standards properly can prevent rejection, rework and thus Improve OEE and COPQ. Responsibility : S.No   Activity   Responsibility Frequency 1 Review of the Standards/ Format/ WI/ Procedures etc. … Read more

How to perform an internal audit in an automotive industry

Internal Audit

 Purpose of internal audit: To establish a Procedure for Internal Audit of Quality Management System and to ensure whether the Quality Management System confirms all type of internal audits. Type of Audit in automotive industry: Quality System Audit: The organization’s Processes and their related results comply with planned arrangements and to ensure effective implementation. Process … Read more