Poison test for quality inspectors in manufacturing industry

What is a Poison Test:

A poison test is a process of checking the competence of quality inspectors. It is done by providing a small mixed lot of OK and defective parts for inspection within the defined takt time. It is a periodical practical process of taking tests inspectors. Poison tests should be taken on all inspectors with all types of defects.

Poison Test Work Instruction:

Below are the steps to conduct a poison test:

  • First of all mix the OK and Defect parts according to the Poison test sheet. (Take the OK part at least 50 and the defective part takes 10%). Before mixing, mark the defective parts as not visible to the inspector.
  • Then give the bin to the final inspector to check.
  • Give the inspector a specific time ( Takt time ) to check the parts.
  • Recheck inspector checked parts and keep OK and defective parts separately.
  • Check all the defective parts of the Final Inspector with your noted paper.
  • If the final inspector separates the parts with defect marking, then he is working properly and is fully aware of his work.
  • If the final inspector is not able to separate the marked parts, then he does not have full knowledge of his work. Stop inspection by that inspector until he qualifies in the poison test.
  • Hold the previously checked parts by the inspector and recheck those parts by any qualified inspector.
  • Then provide him training for all the defects of that part.
  • Again take his test so that he can do his work correctly & completely.

Poison Test Benefits:

  • Reduction in customer complaints
  • Reduction in house complaints
  • Improvement in inspector skill level
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in Cost of poor quality as defects captured in the house.
  • Multi-skilled inspector
  • Improved confidence in inspection activity
  • The final inspector’s productivity improves

Key requirements for poison test:

  • An actual poison test should be done & not prepare a fake report
  • All defects should be covered in the poison test
  • The frequency of the poison test should be adequate. For the new inspector, it should be more.

Poison Test Format:

Poison Test Format

Download the Poison Test Format:

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