A simple method to learn about APQP | Procedure of APQP


Purpose of APQP : To define the procedure for APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) activities including various stages of development of Prototype/Product sample, Pre-launch, Production and mass production. To facilitate communication with all concerned within the organization and also with Suppliers and customers to ensure that all required steps are completed on time.     Scope … Read more

Process capability | Cp and Cpk calculation with example

Process capability

Process Capability Process capability is a statistical measure of the ability of a process to consistently produce output within specified limits. It quantifies the ability of a process to meet customer requirements and expectations. It is done by assessing the spread and centering of process output relative to predetermined specifications. Process capability is a statistical … Read more

Control plan in quality | Types of control plan

Control Plan

Control Plan The Control Plan in Quality is a documented description of the systems and the processes required for controlling the manufacturing of the product as per the IATF 16949 standard. A control plan is the main document of the (PPAP) production part approval process. The control plan covers All processes per PFD and PFMEA … Read more

What is attribute MSA study?

Attribute MSA study

Attribute MSA Study: Attribute MSA is a tool used to evaluate the measurement system when attribute (qualitative) measurement is to be done. In attribute MSA study we check the measurement error is within an acceptance level before doing SPC study. Attribute and Variable in MSA: Attribute Data (Qualitative): Variable Data (Quantitative): Types of MSA: 1. … Read more

Measurement System Analysis | MSA

Measurement System Analysis

Measurement System A measurement System is the collection of instruments, standards, operations, methods, fixtures, software, inspectors, environment & assumptions used to quantify a unit of measure or fix assessment to the feature characteristics being measured. It is the complete process used to obtain a measurement during measurement system analysis. It is one of the 5 … Read more

Simple concepts about SPC,Control Chart and Histogram


Statistical Process Control (SPC)? SPC is controlling the process variation by using statistical techniques. Statistical techniques such as Control charts and histograms are used to analyze the process & achieve & maintain a state of statistical control to get a product having no defect. What is Statistics? It is information derived from the sample data to estimate … Read more

How to conduct FMEA in Automotive Industry supplying to OEM?

PFMEA in automotive industry

Purpose of FMEA: The purpose of FMEA is to establish & maintain a procedure for process failure.   Scope of FMEA: This procedure applies to all processes ( major & critical) which are being used to make various products. What is an FMEA process? An FMEA process can be described as a synchronized group of … Read more

How to conduct FMEA for a product or process?

Process FMEA

What is FMEA? An FMEA can be described as a schematic group of activities to : In FMEA each failure is considered as an independent occurrence with no relation to other failures in the system. Basic steps for conducting an FMEA: The early and consistent use of FMEA in the design process allows the engineer … Read more

What are the 5 core tools of IATF 16949?

5 Core Tools IATF 16949

The 5 Core Tools are the 5 supplemental tools that support the requirements of IATF 16949. These 5 core tools are published separately in five manuals available by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). These are also called 5 quality core tools. Below the five core tools are listed when designing products or processes during … Read more

New Process FMEA as per VDA & AIAG


There are 6 steps in the process FMEA as per VDA & AIAG. These 6 steps provide a systematic approach to do failure mode and effect analysis. 1. Scope Definition & Project Planning : The purpose of the process scope definition is to decide what product/process to include/exclude for review in the PFMEA project. Below … Read more