How to do coherence of documents and standard management


To have coherence between all the documents like Customer Inspection Standard of parts with Control Plan, Operation Standard, Inspection Standard & Packing Standard. Defining the standards properly can prevent rejection, rework and thus Improve OEE and COPQ.

Responsibility :

S.No  Activity  ResponsibilityFrequency
1Review of the Standards/ Format/ WI/ Procedures etc.  Quality Incharge / MRIn the event of a change, Once in a year, Customer-specific requirement, Customer complaint
2Updating of standards  MRAfter every change
3Issue of the revised standard  MRAfter every change


CASE-I  Procedure for Standard Management:

  1. Are the Control Plan, Operation Standard and Inspection Standard available for all the parts? If not discuss with the concerned department and ensure availability for all the parts.
  2. If not available, make draft documents in coordination with the concerned department and send documents for Plant Incharge approval.
  3. If available, check for the coherence of customer inspection standards with control plan, inspection standard and operation standard.
  4. Update Master list of documents.
  5. Distribute the documents to the concerned department. 

CASE-II  Request for Modification :

  1. Receive the document change request form for modification and check the implementation feasibility. 
  2. If feasible, modify the document and prepare change points in the document.
  3. Take the approval of document change request from Plant Incharge.
  4. Distribute the modified document to controlled copyholders. ( Control copy stamp with Red color and Master copy stamp with Blue color )
  5. Receive old copies from controlled copyholders and destroy the old controlled copies.
  6. Preserve the master copy of old documents duly identified with an Obsolete stamp.
  7. Issue new or modified format with the implementation date.
  8. Collect the old format, confirm the implementation and record the change date.

Retention Period :

Maru-A:    Part life + 11 Year

Fit-function:   Part life + 11 Year

Drawing, Control plan, PFMEA, PFD, OS:    Part life + 11 Year

Safety & Regulatory:    5 Year

Internal Audit & MRM:  3 Years

Training records:      2 Years

Calibration:               2 Years

Inspection Records:   1 Year

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