5S Audit Check Sheets for manufacturing

There are 5S Audit check sheets in detail. So below are the audit sheets. Read about all audit sheets. Add your company-related points to expand these check sheets.

5S Audit Check Sheets

Audit Sheet: Seiri

S.NoCheck ItemsDescriptionScore012345
1Materials and PartsDoes the RM or WIP include unneeded material?
2Does the RM or WIP include unneeded material?Is there any unused equipment (old machine) around?
3Jigs, Tools and DiesAre there any unused jigs, tools, dies or similar items around?
4Unnecessary itemsIs it obvious which items have been marked as unnecessary?
5Old documents and standardsAre there any old and useless documents around?

Audit Sheet: Seiton

S.NoCheck ItemsDescriptionScore012345
1Location indicatorsHave shelves and other storage areas been marked with location indicators and addresses?
2Item indicatorsDo the shelves have indicators showing which items go where?
3Quantity indicatorsAre the maximum and minimum allowable quantities indicated?
4Marking of gangways and in-process inventory areaAre white lines or other markers used to clearly indicate gangways and storage areas?
5Jigs and ToolsAre jigs and tools arranged rationally to facilitate picking them up and returning them?

Audit Sheet: Seiso

S.NoCheck ItemsDescriptionScore012345
1FloorsAre floors kept shiny clean and free of waste, water and oil?
2MachinesAre the machines wiped clean often and kept free of shavings, chips and oil?
3Cleaning and CheckingIs equipment inspection combined with equipment cleaning?
4Cleaning ResponsibilitiesIs there a person responsible for overseeing the cleaning operation?
5Habitual cleanlinessDo operators habitually sweep floors and wipe equipment without being told?

Audit Sheet: Seiketsu

S.NoCheck ItemsDescriptionScore012345
1Improved memosAre improvement suggestions regularly being generated?
2Improvement suggestionsAre improvement ideas being acted on?
3Key proceduresAre SOPs clear, documented and actively used?
4Visual controlsAre visual controls effective and sensible? Can these be seen from a distance?
5Guide arrows and other signAre these easy to understand and helpful? Does the plant look like an open book? Can one easily find toilets, canteen, reception etc

Audit Sheet: Shitsuke

S.NoCheck ItemsDescriptionScore012345
1TrainingIs everyone adequately trained in SOP?
2General DisciplineDo people report for their work on time? Are their uniforms clean?
3DojoDoes the company have its own dojo? Are the facilities adequate? Are the trainers competent?
4TNIDoes the company have a culture of Training needs identification? Are training plans adhered to? Are training records kept?
5Targets and responsibilitiesAre people clear about their targets and responsibilities? Can they clearly narrate these when asked for?

Ranking Criteria:

0 = Unacceptable, No evidence of this item.

1 = Activity started, slight evidence of this item.

2 = Widespread activity, many opportunities for improvement have been found

3 = Minimum acceptable level sustained for at least one month.

4 = Very good results, sustained for at least 3 months.

5 = World-class examples, sustained for at least 6 months.

Reference: KCC

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