Procedure for machine maintenance in manufacturing industry

machine maintenance

Purpose: The purpose of this procedure of machine maintenance is to explain and understand steps of attending machine for maintenance. Scope: Responsibility: Maintenance in-charge is responsible for all the activities on time. Procedure: Master list of machines: Identification of machine: Preventive maintenance of machines: Preventive Maintenance Check Sheet Format: Breakdown maintenance of machines: Machine History … Read more

Terms and definitions for the automotive industry

Terms and definitions in IATF standard

As per IATF 16949 standard, “Terms and definitions” is the third clause. Terms and definitions are that used in this standard in different clauses. So below are the main terms and definitions with some simple explanations. Customer-specific requirement ( CSR) : These are the specific requirements of the customer. These can be based on the … Read more

Process categories in the quality management system

Process categories for IATF

A process is a set of interrelated activities where we provide input and get output with value addition. There are three categories of processes in the quality management system. These are as below: Now we will understand each one of the above in detail. Management-oriented process: Management processes are those processes that control, facilitate, monitor … Read more