How to define value added activities & non-value added activities?

Value added activities

Categories of all activities: Value-added activities: The process is defined as the conversion of input into output by using resources. But what is important here is Value addition in the process. So those activities which change the shape as per customer requirements & add value are called value-added activities.   For example in the manufacturing … Read more

Quality Objectives in the manufacturing industry

Quality objectives

Quality Objectives (KPI): Quality objectives are the SMART goals for enhancing customer satisfaction and are relevant to the quality policy of the company. Quality objectives are defined when establishing the quality management system or during management review. It is also called a Key performance indicator. KPI shall be defined by each department. List of the … Read more

The histogram in 7 QC tools


What is a histogram? The histogram is a graphical view of variation in a set of data. The pictorial nature of the histogram enables us to see patterns easily. But it is very difficult to see the pattern in a simple table of numbers. It is a tool used to determine the normal distribution of … Read more