What is 3G in manufacturing?

Purpose of 3G:

In a process occurrence of a problem is normal & so it is equally important to solve the problems effectively & fast. For an effective solution to any problem, it is important to understand the problem & its reason. so 3G is very important here to find out the solution and take action fast. Below are 3G in manufacturing industry :

  • 1G – Gemba            –    Go to the actual place
  • 2G – Genbutsu        –    See the actual things & facts
  • 3G – Genjitsu          –    Take suitable action

Why 3G is important?

If 3G is not done, the actual defect and its root cause may not be identified correctly. Countermeasure taken in such a situation will not be effective. This will be made customers dissatisfied and all resources used in countermeasure will be wasted.  

3 Kaizen principles :

1. Gemba:

The best improvement idea will come by doing Gemba. Gemba walk can also be put as managing by walking around the real problem. This is an activity that takes management to the front line to look for waste and opportunities for practical shop-floor improvement.

3G Principle

2. Genbutsu :

It means to see the actual things, facts. Go out and see what is happening on the shop floor. It will help to see the actual fact on the shop floor.

3G Principle

3. Genjitsu :

It means to take appropriate action. The action taken after seeing the actual fact will be realistic & effective.

3G Principle

Conclusion :

So 3G is ” Go to the actual place ( Gemba) , see the actual things (Genbutsu) and take appropriate action (Genjitsu).

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