What is design for manufacturing? | DFM

Design for manufacturing

What is DFM? Design for manufacturing (DFM) is to make a design that is easy to manufacture. The purpose of DFM is to make a better product at a lower cost. Manufacturing engineering is the management of variation which involves 4M (man, machine, material and method). It is the main part of quality function deployment … Read more

How to maintain the measuring instruments?

“Our body is like a machine. What will happen if regular health check-up is not done? Regular exercise not done?¬† We may fall ill. Similarly in the case of measuring instruments, if we do not do the proper, regular maintenance, it will also fail.”¬†reference MSIL quality manual. Types of Inspection Equipment: Measuring Instruments: Gauges:  Testing … Read more

How to conduct FMEA for a product or process?

Process FMEA

What is FMEA? An FMEA can be described as a schematic group of activities to : In FMEA each failure is considered as an independent occurrence with no relation to other failures in the system. Basic steps for conducting an FMEA: The early and consistent use of FMEA in the design process allows the engineer … Read more