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What is the APQP Matrix?

The Advanced Product Quality Planning APQP Responsibility Matrix is a tool used in the automotive and manufacturing industries to clearly define and communicate the roles and responsibilities of individuals or teams involved in the product development and launch process. APQP is a structured approach to product development that focuses on ensuring quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The APQP Responsibility Matrix is also known as the RACI matrix, which stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. It is a valuable tool for project management and helps prevent confusion or misunderstandings about who is responsible for what tasks or decisions during the product development process. Here’s what each of these roles means within the context of an APQP Responsibility Matrix:

  1. Responsible (R): This person or team is responsible for executing specific tasks or activities. They are the individuals who perform the work and ensure that it is completed according to the established requirements and standards. They have a hands-on role in task execution.
  2. Accountable (A): The accountable person or team is ultimately answerable for the success or failure of the task or activity. While they may not perform the task themselves, they oversee it and make sure it aligns with the project’s goals and quality standards. There should be only one “A” assigned for each task.
  3. Consulted (C): These individuals or teams are consulted for their expertise or input during the task’s execution. They may provide guidance, information, or support, but they are not directly responsible for the task’s completion.
  4. Informed (I): People or teams in this category are kept informed about the progress and outcomes of the task or activity. They are typically stakeholders or parties with an interest in the task’s results but do not actively participate in its execution.

Creating an APQP Responsibility Matrix involves listing all the critical tasks and activities related to the product development and launch process. Then, for each task, you assign one or more roles (R, A, C, I) to individuals or teams involved. This matrix helps ensure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, which reduces the risk of misunderstandings, delays, and errors during the project.

APQP Matrix as per APQP guidelines:

Development categories for APQP:

Development CategoryCategory Code
Absolutely new partA
Similar Part (Same as per running part/process)B
Design change (ECN)C
Process change(PCN)D
Material changeE
Machine changeF
Plant location change/start after a long timeG
Supplier changeH

APQP Matrix:

APQP Matrix
APQP Responsibility Matrix
APQP Matrix

APQP Matrix PDF:

By using the APQP Responsibility Matrix, organizations can enhance communication, accountability, and collaboration among teams involved in product development, resulting in a more efficient and higher-quality product launch process. It’s an essential tool for industries where precision, quality, and adherence to standards are critical, such as automotive manufacturing.

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