Quality control process in the manufacturing industry


Quality control aims to ensure product quality from raw material to the final product and BOP.


Inspection of incoming material (Bought out Parts, Raw material and material being received after job work), in-process material and finished material.


Head QA is responsible for Inspection activities at all stages

Quality Control Process Steps:

  • Incoming inspection
  • In-process inspection
  • Final Inspection

Incoming Material Inspection (Raw Material, Bought Out Parts, Job work) :

  • Receive goods inward receipt (GIR) from the store
  • Select sample, inspect material and prepare inspection report
  • If part OK, Clear GIR and send to store
  • In the case of NG, Forward the inspection report to the Head QC
  • Review inspection report and mark decision
  • Reject / Accept under deviation /Hold /Rework/Segregation
  • Raise QPCR to supplier and ensure required action(s) to be taken by the supplier: Sort the material at our works. Rectify the material at our works. Collect rejection back
  • If rejected or accepted under deviation. Mark decision on GIR. If hold Mark decision on GIR Rework/Segregate.
  • Get the material reworked/segregated by the supplier or in the plant.
  • Inspect the reoffered material after rework/segregation.
  • Follow up with a supplier in case of QPCR sent
  • After receipt of QPCR monitor the effectiveness of countermeasures.

Incoming Inspection Format:

In-Process Inspection:

  • Submit initial samples from production
  • Inspect samples on the Patrol inspection report (PIR)
  • If sample NG then put the NG setting parts in the red bin.
  • Reset the machine/tool
  • Resubmit sample for inspection
  • If the sample is OK after inspection then
  • Verbally inform the operator / Shop in charge to start production.

In-process Inspection report format:

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Final Inspection/PDI:

  • Receive information (after packaging)
  • Inspection of items to be dispatched. If OK then
  • Approval for dispatch (to Head Manufacturing)
  • Forward the Final inspection report to the Head QC
  • Review FIR. / Re-offer for Inspection / Rejection / Concessional approval
  • If reject or concessional approval. / Identify material / Convey status
  • If rework & re-offer for inspection. Identify material. Convey status to the Manufacturing Head.

Final Inspection Report Format:

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