Outsource process and service procedure

Purpose :

To ensure that the outsource process and service conform to the specified requirements.

Scope :

All outsource processes and services

Responsibility :

Head QA, Stores, Purchase, New Part Development and Production are responsible for outsource activities and Top Management approval required for selection of supplier.

Procedure :

Identified outsource processes & services :

The organization has following outsource process and services :

Powder Coating, Zinc Plating, ED Coating, Calibration, Shearing, Maintenance of Plant & Machinery, Machining of Parts, Press Working (Job Work), Plastic Molding (Job Work), Heat Treatment of Tools, Logistics & Testing of Raw Material etc

Note : Outsource process and services can change company to company.

Control of outsource processes and services :

Calibration :

Calibration of measuring equipment is done only outside NABL accredited lab as per calibration plan.

Maintenance of Plant and Machinery:

Maintenance is done by approved service centers if required of some equipment like DG sets, Compressors and Special purpose machine. Preventive maintenance is done as per PM plan.

Logistics / Transportation :

Transport vehicles are used of approved transport agency.

Testing of raw material :

Testing of raw material is done by NABL approved / Customer’s nominated laboratory.

Outsource Processes:

  • Powder Coating,
  • Zinc Plating,
  • ED Coating,
  • Shearing,
  • Machining of Parts,
  • Press Working (Job Work),
  • Plastic Molding (Job Work),
  • Heat Treatment of Tools
  • The suppliers are selected according to their ability to process material which meets our requirements. After supplier selection and approved by the Top Management they are considered as approved suppliers.
  • The suppliers are evaluated on yearly basis through a checklist.

In case any supplier does not meet any requirement, it is issued ‘customer complaint form (QPCR)’ to fill in which it analyses the root causes, proposes corrective and preventive actions and sends back to us. Our organization evaluates the CAPA proposed and if satisfied, closes the report.

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