Check sheet in 7 QC Tools | Benefits of Check Sheet

Check Sheet

The check sheet is a systematic and organized method of collecting data in a simple table form for analysis of the process. It is also called a Tally sheet. It is one of the basic 7 QC Tools.

Uses of check sheet:

  • Tool for collecting and organizing measured or counted data.
  • Data collected can be used as input data for other quality tools like Pareto Charts, Bar graphs and Histogram.
  • Data Collection is based on answering the questions of (5W1H) Why, What,  Where, Who, When and How.

When to use a Check Sheet?

  • To collect data repeatedly by the same person or at the same location.
  • To collect data on the frequency or patterns of events, problems, defects, defect location, defect causes etc.
  • To collect data from a production process.

Check Sheet Procedure :

  • Decide what event or problem will be observed.
  • Develop operational definitions.
  • Decide when data will be collected and for how long.
  • Design the form. Set it up so that data can be recorded simply by making check marks or Xs or similar symbols and so that data do not have to be recopied for analysis. Label all spaces on the form.
  • Test the check sheet for a short trial period to be sure it collects the appropriate data and is easy to use.
  • Each time the targeted event or problem occurs, record data on the check sheet.

Benefits of check sheet:

  • Collect data in a systematic and organized manner.
  • To determine the source of the problem
  • To facilitate the classification of data  (Stratification)
  • The check sheet is a simple and effective way to display data.
  • It provides a uniform data collection

Check Sheet example:

Monthly Rejection Sheet:

This is a format for collecting monthly rejection data in the automotive industry. We can collect rejection data through red bin meetings on daily basis. At the end of the month summarize all rejections in this format to do a Pareto analysis. Also we can get total rejection part-wise, defect-wise and rejection PPM of the month.

Check Sheet

Daily Production Report:

In this production sheet, we can collect daily production data of Machines, Operators, Part Names, Operations, Production quantity, Rejection quantity, Rework quantity and time loss etc. So there is a lot of data captured in one sheet. It is used to calculate performance, OEE etc.

Production Report format

Frequency Check Sheet :

It is a sheet for collecting data on a frequency basis.

Check Sheet

Inspection Check Sheet :

This is the format to be used for part inspection for set-up approval and in-process inspection. There should be a judgment row for part quality status in this format.

Inspection Check Sheet

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